KS Service Price List (EN)

Service Price List:

Full Service
Complete Dropper service including cleaning of the system and new wiper seals. DU bushings, roller bearings and guide bushings will be replaced if necessary.
EUR 59
Cartridge Replacement Full Service + cartridge replacement
EUR 79
Supernatural, Dropzone, i900, i950, (no Supernatural 272) – only black stanchions available
EUR 99
LEV, LEV DX, LEV integra, LEV C, LEV 272 – only black stanchions available
EUR 119
Shipping & Handling Germany EUR 6,90
S&H small parts Germany EUR 4,50
S&H Europe EUR 15,90
S&H Europe small parts EUR 5,90
all prices include VAT, price changes may apply, prices as of March 2019